Early Morning Musings

It seems that many of my friends and acquaintances suffer from disturbed sleep lately. I guess its either a characteristic of the frantic lifestyle so many people lead….or maybe its just one of the down sides of getting older.Probably a combination of both!

I’m grateful that my sleep has been better lately but last night I was ‘up and down like a yo-yo‘ as the saying goes and so here I am blogging before I am usually awake.

On Tuesday evenings I go to a ‘scrap n chat’ ( if you don’t know what that is you are sadly deprived as you don’t participate in the wonderful crafts of scrapbooking and/or card making). I enjoy the opportunity to be chatting with some other lovely ladies while continuing on putting together a scrapbook of my overseas travel. At the moment I’m working on an album containing photos of the trip we took to Hawaii in 2008…. I figured it was about time I did something with the photos languishing on my computer especially as I am scared that said computer is on its last legs and I don’t want to lose these precious memories if it dies. I guess I’m also wanting to think about the happy times that we had in the past-we have a shared history of 36 years and I’m not going to write them off and forget them.

One of the reasons I like making albums of my photos these days is that for so many years I fell into the pre-digital habit of chucking the photos into a box and rarely if ever looking at them – on the rare occasion of digging them out I wouldn’t have a clue re the circumstances when it was taken etc. I find that I tend to look at the scrapbooks that I have done far more frequently and as I journal a bit about the photos there is no wondering about who that was or when it was taken etc…an example of that is the pages I did about Connor’s birth. My sweet little grandson is only 15 months old but already if I hadn’t recorded the circumstances of his arrival there are things that I would have forgotten or remembered incorrectly.

I’m going to get onto my soapbox now….

It has long been my belief that it is important to participate in communal creative activities. There is a reason that the early settlers held quilting bees etc-it wasn’t JUST to get things done quickly….  creating something is a POSITIVE thing….it is hard to be depressed and down when you are creating instead of destroying. I also find that the CONNECTIONS made in a group like this helps to keep us on a more even keel. Sometimes we just sit quietly creating our projects, enjoying the sense of relaxed activity,other times someone will talk about what is happening in their life…most times its a case of casually airing something happening in your life…. being able to gently boast about  family or even on occasion to share the things that are really weighing you down…. not in a bad or heavy way but just being able to get it off your chest without others judging you. A group like this that is functioning correctly is a ‘safe place ‘. As people complete a page or a card (or in the spinning group I’m also part of now a garment etc)  they also have the joy of being able to show it to people who appreciate the hard work and creativity that has gone into creating it.

On that note I’ve attached some photos of the album I’m working on at the moment. Unfortunately they are not as clear as I would like…I’m having trouble working out the best settings to put my trusty point and shoot camera on to get a whole scrapbook page in sharp focus. You may not be able to read the journaling I’ve done about the places photographed.

I hope you have a creative outlet that gives you a sense of achievement and that you can share with others to.


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