The Big Island surprises

When you think of Hawaii I would think that the first images that flash before your eyes are things like graceful dancers, plumeria flowers and palm trees -I’m guessing that  snow and cattle ranches aren’t high up on the images you’ll imagine?

Well amazingly enough both are found in the wonderful islands of Hawaii.

Mauna Kea is the highest mountain in Hawaii  ( if you measure from the base under water it’s acutally higher than Everest ) and it is certainly one of the most interesting mountains I’ve ever been to. You have to stop for half an hour at a certain point on the way to the summit as you need to acclimatise so you don’t get altitude sickness. The summit has no vegetation and looks like a lunar landscape,its high altitude, dry environment, and stable airflow make it one of the best sites in the world for astronomical observation and in fact 11 countries have observatories there. AND it sometimes gets snow on it. In the first photo on the page above you can see the snow.

The Big Island is also home to some cattle ranches . The Parker Ranch is the most famous as it was founded in 1847 and is one of the oldest in the US. It covers 135,000 acres (55,000 ha) of the island and as such is also among the nation’s largest cattle ranches.Kahua Ranch has been there for a long time too and we had a wonderful evening there. The rolling green hills were not what we were expecting to see and just another wonderful surprise to be found in Hawaii, and as the afternoon gave way to evening we were also enchanted by one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen.

On this scrapbook page I’ve used a font and images from the Wild West cricut cartridge.


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