Reflections on Grief 2 years on

It’s 2 years today since Mum died. So much has changed in that time and yet the grief stays the same….not as raw perhaps although at times it still overwhelms me, but those times are further apart these days. In fact there are whole weeks now when I barely think of her…. does that make me a bad daughter? I don’t think so …. It just means life continues…. it doesn’t mean I love her any less.

I can drive past the place she died now without crying. Just as well really as anytime I have to go to Sydney or to Nowra I have to pass it. Today I’m going out there to leave a rose…. a pink rose for Margaret Rose.

I sometimes still feel a crazy kind of resentment that she isn’t here when I feel like I needed her most after my marriage broke up and I came to live with Dad. My adult mind knows how silly it is at 57 feeling like an abandoned child because I want my Mummy to hold me and make it better.

I’m sad too cause I understand so much better now about how she felt when we moved so far away …..and I also understand how hurt she felt when I was too busy or didn’t think to call her regularly to chat and tell her about what was happening in our lives. Now I’m the mother so far away who longs to hear from her kids and to know they care about her and hear about their lives. If only I could go back and change things.

I feel helpless today with Dad too… I want to comfort him and yet don’t know what to say or do and feel like a clumsy oaf. He is surrounded by a wall of grief and I don’t think that I can do anything to ease it….. how can I when he’s lost the wife he shared so many years with and that he misses so desperately?

I also feel so sad for my friend Monica who was found dead in her home a couple of days ago- there are crimestoppers bulletins on the news channels asking for anyone to come forward with any information as her death is considered ‘suspicious’. I was supposed to be working out with her how we could do some kids workshops together…. How can she be dead in suspicious circumstances? How can one of the few people I count as friends down here be gone? When she wasn’t at church last week I was going to ring her and then when she wasn’t at scrapbooking on Tues night I was going to ring her…. But once again I didn’t listen to the voice telling me to do something and now it’s too late. I’ve been told that it was probably too late to ring her anyway… that she was probably already gone but it doesn’t assuage the guilt I feel.

My Bible reading the other day was from 2 Corinthians 5 and the commentary said
‘Our lives are so frail and vulnerable. We walk through life always on the thin ice of our mortality and who knows when it will crack beneath us. As you can see from this section of 2 Corinthians Paul lived with a strong consciousness of death. He did not fear death but was always was aware of it……….. Jesus came to conquer death. Through His victory we can now face death not as the end of togetherness but as the beginning of eternal togetherness.” Another one of those ‘coincidences’ that so often occur when you’re a Christian!

I know that both Mum and Monica were Christians and are now with the Lord … that is truly comforting to know. I don’t have to feel the desperation of those who don’t KNOW that this is not the end. I am also so grateful for the love and comfort I receive from my Lord. It doesn’t mean though that I don’t go through the grief and the questionings…..I guess it just means that I don’t have to stay there.




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3 responses to “Reflections on Grief 2 years on

  1. maggie klein

    your writings on the grief of losing your mother and friend,truly touched me. I can hardly see through the tears to type this..My mother is 84 and I let the daily grind get in the way of seeing her often enough.Thank you for reminding me of what is important and meaningful,for it surely isn’t the day to day stuff.Thank you with all my heart. sincerely,maggie

  2. Maggie I am so glad that my experiences have helped you to remember that we can’t take tomorrow for granted. I used to get so cross with Mum sometimes when I was busy and she wanted to talk ….. and now I would give almost anything to be able to drop everything and spend time with her. Thanks for letting me know that you were touched by my ramblings.
    Kathie x

  3. Carmel Hodgson

    Hello Kathie! It is amazing and I think miraculous that I “stumbled” across you tonight! But as I will see you tomorrow, I would rather speak to you about what you have written, Many Blessings of Love from Carmelx

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