Deck the Halls….

I can’t believe that its only 4 days till Christmas! Christmas is always such a special time of year for me. As a Christian it has such a wonderful meaning to me….God loving the world so much that He sent His Son to earth to make it possible for mankind to be able to be made right with HIm and to become part of His family. I also love the celebration….. the decorations, the traditions, the songs,the food and the events.
I’ve been on tenterhooks for weeks wondering if I was going to be working or not and hoping that I could go up to Brisbane to see my kids and my precious grandson Connor. As it turns out I’ve go 4 days off but sadly I found out too late to be able to organize to get up there, so my first Christmas as a single instead of a couple is going to be spent back with my Dad and siblings and their families. I guess its kind of appropriate in one way.
I have now moved into a unit that some friends are very kindly renting to me at a reduced rent with the added bonus of being able to use all their things. Its been wonderful being able to unpack my share of our belongings and has been kind of like rediscovering old friends. It’s also giving me a great deal of joy to be able to use my pretty china and put my stamp on my home for the next 12 months.It’s been fun being able to ask friends around for meals since I moved in and I also have had a lot of help from my friend Christine in unpacking and sorting things out- I probably wouldn’t have got it done without her help.
I’ve planted some herbs and veges and I have a friend who is making me a chook tractor ( moveable chicken coop) to house 3 chickens. It is just about finished but I’ll have to put off putting the hens in until I get back from Sydney. It will be very exciting to get my first eggs!
I have also been busy making my Christmas cards but it did take me a while to get around to really get going on them- I guess in some ways it was difficult as it is the first time in 35 years that I’m sending people cards from just me. I’m afraid the last few will be getting there after Christmas unless the Postal Service are working miracles of speed and delivery this year.


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