January Jottings

Where do I start….it seems such a long time since I posted the last entry and yet its not quite a month.

I didn’t find out until just before Christmas that I didn’t have to work so sadly was unable to go to Brisbane to spend the season with my kids and grandson. I was very sad about this as is was my first Christmas on my own and I so badly wanted to see them all. On the plus side though I got to go to Sydney and spend the festive season at my brother’s place with my Dad and my sister and her family coming over for Christmas lunch. It was a a lovely day and we had a wonderful time.

The kids all rang me and were happy with their Christmas presents and my little grandson Connor was so excited with the whole Christmas experience and loved my gifts. Ben and Lina took some photos of the day and I have posted some of them here.

January has been a bittersweet month so far. On the 5th it was the first anniversary of my husband and my separation and I got a call from him to tell me that the divorce proceedings were underway. I don’t know why it was so hard to cope with but I was a mess and couldn’t help bursting into tears at the drop of a hat…. I guess its the finality of it….35 years counting for nothing. No that isn’t true. We have 3 beautiful sons and a lot of good memories. We did some amazing things and there were lots of good times. It wasn’t wasted but I’m now on a new path in my life.

Over January I’ve got to catch up with a number of old friends, make some new ones and enjoy my crafting. Tonight I went to a friend’s place and met with a number of other girls from Church to start a regular craft group where we bring various crafts to do and if we want to learn from others we can or just work on our own projects. Should be fun.

      This card is one I made to welcome a new baby into the extended family. My daugher-in-law Lina has a sister and Jayne and Michael have just welcomed their 4th child into their family. Little Tobias is gorgeous from the photos and I know Connor will have lots of fun with his new cousin as he gets bigger. The Tigger was made using the Pooh Font Cartridge in my Cricut machine.It has these cute baby characters as well as some great fonts to use for words.



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2 responses to “January Jottings

  1. This card is adorable! I love the soft colors of the background papers. Tigger is just to cute. ❤ Love it.

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