Body, Soul and Craft- the evolution of my blog.

Last night I had a friend call around to ask me if I wanted to go ‘cruising’ to see what was open on a Thursday night in our small town. Both of us have mainly lived in big cities or towns where we are used to almost 24 hour access to shops, cafes etc and both of us moved to the Milton Ulladulla area in the first part of last year. Well the answer to the question in all three areas (Ulladulla, Mollymook and Milton) is not much!

It was still light so I’m guessing we started about 7.30 and we drove slowly around and in the end just managed to buy an ice-cream at the Beach Hut at Mollymook as they were closing and went and sat on the beach while we ate them and watched the colours fade and the peace of the ocean invade our souls while we chatted.

Afterwards we came back to my place and had a cup of tea and I showed her my blog. As I went further back in the entries I realised that when I initially started it( before my life fell apart) I was just using it to showcase cards I had made and give instructions on how to make them.

As time when on I started to share a bit of what I was experiencing in my life, along with the projects. Now I rarely if ever include directions on how to make the cards and some blogs don’t even have any reference to my crafts!

At first it was very intimidating to be faced with a blank page and wondering what to put on it. I knew that it was unlikely that many people would read it but you live in hope and anxiously watch for the dashboard to show that anyone out there is interested and has read it. When I stuck to pictures and instructions it was easy, but as the character of the blog changed to reflect me,my personality and emotions it becomes quite important to know that anyone bothers to read it and even be moved enough to comment or like it.

I guess the blog as it is now bares the real me to you the reader. It is easy to tell that I have struggled with the things that have happened to me over the last couple of years. You can also tell the things that are important to me – my family, my craft and hopefully my faith as a Christian. If I asked you to tell me the things that give me joy I’m sure you would be able to come up with a list from my blogs.

So as my life goes on so will my blog.

It will continue to be a mish-mash of crafts,emotions and I may include recipes etc too along with musings, attitudes and beliefs.

I hope some of you will consider it worthwhile to follow me on my journey in life and the blogging world – and I’d love to hear from any of you that feel like you would like to make contact with me.

I pray that your journey will bring you joy and comfort through the twists and turns that life always brings

Kathie x



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4 responses to “Body, Soul and Craft- the evolution of my blog.

  1. Jacqy

    Great blog Kathie! Loved the Christmas decorations, the theme song for 2012 and your musings. Evening activities in Milton Ulladulla – star hotel has a band most Thursdays and Fridays (sounds quite good from my bedroom), and I recently found a diners club! Things are looking up ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks Jacqy ๐Ÿ™‚ Been to the Star a couple of times- heard some fantistic kids called Garden of Eden and BraMaJo perform also managed to gatecrash a wedding reception and their Celtic band was fab!
    Got a place to go for the Diners Club too.

  3. Jen

    Hi Kathie,

    Great to hear from you and I was delighted to read your blog entries. I loved how you expressed your changing perspective on the nature of your blog. It was good to see photos of your family.

    I do miss our chats at church and linc group. We are being blessed by the unfolding experiences. It is almost a shock to be constantly surrounded by Hindu and Muslim worship. Even the air is thick with Hindu incense. It heightens the fact that as Christians we worship iindeed a living God who daily loves and cares for us and empowers us to live this life for his kingdom purpose.

    love, jen

    • Hi Jen
      I have loved reading your blog (once I realised that I needed to scroll down and not just enjoy the pictures hehe) and hearing about your adventures.Isn’t it amazing to be in a country that is so different to all that you are used to and yet to discover that people are for the most part the same the world over.I also found it interesting to be in an eastern country where the offerings that people make to their Gods are everywhere – it makes the things that God says about wanting our offerings to be the inner ones not the outward much easier to understand.I miss our chats too but am so glad you are having a wonderful time. God bless
      Kathie x

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