Communication problems in the technological era

I’ve just been through the painful and frustrating process of changing my phone and internet provider.

The area where I live doesn’t have good reception if you are on the Vodaphone or Optus networks-especially at holiday times and I’ve persevered with only being able to use my phone in certain parts of my unit and the painfully slow or nonexistent internet access until it all got too  much a few weeks ago. I’d finally had enough of multiple tries at connecting to the internet. Wasted hours of waiting for photos etc to download on Facebook. Constant dropped phone calls and endless traipsing around the unit trying to get more than 1 bar on my phone. It was driving me crazy!

Then began the painful process of trying to work out which provider and plan I was going to use now. A process that wasn’t good for my self esteem at all. It made me feel old and technologically challenged …. When looking at the various options on the webpages I couldn’t even understand what they were talking about !

Eventually after speaking to various friends, phone calls to different providers and a few hiccups I was able to make a choice and get started.

Everything was fine with the internet for a few days and then suddenly nothing – the computer didn’t even recognise that the wireless thingy was on! My phone was working – making calls well and sending and receiving data  ok but I couldn’t send texts with photos attached …..

Back to the shop I went.

At last it looks like things are back on track. I’m able to write and post this blog, I’ve sent a photo message to my son and at last everything seems to be working smoothly.

If I was on Skype you’d see me doing a happy dance .



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