Seriously ????

The proposed lockout laws will ‘kill tourism and cost jobs’ according to the member for Dalrymple Mr Shane Knuth and others.

The proposal is as follows (as I understand it from information I have read)

  1. In most areas last drinks will be at 2am
  2. In Safe Night precincts people will not be allowed into venues after 1am but will continue to be able to purchase alcohol until 3am
  3. Bottle shops will not be allowed to sell alcohol after 10pm.

Are the opponents of these laws actually trying to tell me that it is such a problem ceasing alcohol sales at these times that it will  kill tourism????

If enough alcohol is being purchased after these times to kill tourism and the night life in our cities then there is something seriously wrong with our society.

On his facebook page today  NSW Premier Mike Baird said,

Let’s start with a statistic about Sydney’s nightlife that matters: alcohol related assaults have decreased by 42.2 per cent in the CBD since we introduced the “lock-out laws”.

And they’re down by over 60 per cent in Kings Cross.

But… didn’t we achieve this by shutting down the whole city and killing its nightlife?

Well, one last statistic: the number of small bars in Sydney has more than doubled in the same time period.

There has been a growing hysteria this week about nightlife in Sydney.

The main complaints seem to be that you can’t drink till dawn any more and you can’t impulse-buy a bottle of white after 10pm.

I understand that this presents an inconvenience. Some say this makes us an international embarrassment.

Except, assaults are down by 42.2 per cent.

And there is nothing embarrassing about that.

From the outset, these laws have been about fixing a serious problem. Violence had spiralled out of control, people were literally being punched to death in the city, and there were city streets too dangerous to stroll down on a Friday night. The community was rightly outraged. I was personally outraged. I met face to face with the families of victims. You don’t need to see that sort of pain too often to realise there is a problem that needs fixing. And the Government was determined to act.

We introduced laws to curb violence and to eliminate drinking ghettos by redistributing the nightlife across the city, making the whole city more vibrant.

Now, some have suggested these laws are really about moralising. They are right. These laws are about the moral obligation we have to protect innocent people from drunken violence.

Doctors right across the city are now telling us that they are seeing far less emergency room presentations on the weekends. Transport workers are telling us that the trains are safer. Small bars and restaurants are opening across Sydney. And residents across the city, particularly women, are telling us they feel safer walking home at night.

At this stage, some of the evidence is anecdotal. But lots of hard data is starting to come in. And it is all telling a similar story.

Over the coming months a detailed review into the effects of the lock-out laws will be undertaken. I await this work with interest. But as I’ve said before, it is going to take a lot for me to change my mind on a policy that is so clearly improving this city.

Now some, who wish to define our city by one street on Kings Cross, make the hysterical claim that Sydney is dead.

They couldn’t be more wrong. This is the greatest city in the world and it is now safer and more vibrant than ever.

Long Live Sydney.


Apparently according to the news tonight 10,000 people have complained and made negative comments about this.I am shocked to think that there are that many selfish, sad people who need to have that much access to alcohol to have a so called ‘good’ night out.Apparently (according to some of the comments I’ve read) he is misusing figures and telling lies. Even if only half of these figures  are true (and I don’t belive they are) we are talking about a MASSIVE reduction in assaults and violence.

If you are one of the people who is either complaining about these laws or one of the people giving in to the pressure from those who are then I suggest it’s maybe time to take a good hard look at what you are doing.

Since when does your right to drink to excess ( incidentally causing  YOUR body and brain massive damage in the process) more important than everyone else’s right to be able to have a safe night out or to work without fear of the random violence we are seeing.

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